Steph painted her first mural in 2000. Her work ranges in scale from 2 metres square to over 25 feet long and 9 feet high and have been painted on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces from canvas to rough brickwork.

Steph has collaborated with schools, wildlife visitor centres and private individuals to create this body of work. She often combines the production of the finished piece with workshops for both adults and children.

Arthog Outdoor Education Centre 6.5 x 1.8 metres

This painting was commissioned by Arthog Outdoor Education Centre. The brief was to represent the activities that the children take part in at the site, as well as the local scenery and wildlife.

The theme of the design is based around the idea of journeys. The journey that the children make from their homes in Telford to the centre in Snowdonia, represented by the rolling maps. The journeys they make whilst at the centre, represented by the changing landscapes. And the personal journey they make in self-development through learning how to work with each other as a team, how to support each other in taking on new challenges and experiences and letting their confidence grow.
The phrase ‘Discover, Inspire, Achieve’ is the existing motto of the Arthog centre.

Primary School Gym

This mural was painted in 2013 in Barugh Green Primary School's Gym / Dining Room. The brief was to encourage a healthy lifestyle by showing how the school promotes exercise and healthy food choices.
Steph is in the photograph to demonstrate the scale of the work.

Jungle Corridor 7.6 x 2.7 metres

This was painted along a school corridoor. It was created in conjunction with a series of drawing workshops and talks with school children about the worlds rainforests and part funded an environmental research trip to Sulawesi Indonesia.

School Entrance 2.5 x 5 metres

An entrance piece for Barugh Green Primary school showing the highlights of the local area.

Dolphin 0.5 x 3 metres

This mural is really an illustation to accompany an audio recording of a children's story. The painting forms part of the wildlife interpretation at 'The Boat Place', a dolphin information centre in New Quay West Wales.

Library 1.5 x 6 metres

The children's library in a primary school. The painting illustrates the topics of the books on the shelves below and highlights the diversity of the topics available